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1.  Games are scheduled for one hour only.  There are no strikes, balls, or outs.  We do not keep score and there are no umpires.  Every batter will put the ball in play by hitting a pitch or off a tee. 


2.  Coaches will pitch to their team’s batters up to four pitches per batter and if there is no contact, we will put the ball on a tee for the batter.  All batters will put the ball into fair territory.  Foul balls are basically out of play, although the defense may still try to catch a pop foul.  Either case, the batter will continue to bat until the ball is put into fair territory.


3.  A second coach from the team batting will be the catcher.  There will not be a Shetland player at the catcher position.  This will help keep the game moving along faster and also will allow that coach to help coach/assist the batter.


4.  ALL players shall be in the lineup.  The entire lineup will bat each inning.  All players play the field on defense and they shall be rotated through various positions throughout the game.


5.  When the first batter hits the ball into fair territory he/she will run to 1st base and stop.  That base runner will stay on 1st until the second batter hits the ball and the runner will advance ONE base.  This continues through the batting order until the last batter for that inning comes to bat.  When the last batter for that inning hits the ball in fair territory, he/she will round the bases as if it was a home run, clearing the bases for the inning change.  Please have the defense stay on the field until the last runner crosses home.  Extra coaches and/or parents are encouraged to help on the base coaching, in the dugout, and out in the field when your team is on defense.


6.  The fielders can throw the ball to 1st base anytime the ball is fielded.  This will be up to the coaches in the field.


7.  All players on the team will play the field.  They can spread out, as the coach wants to place his/her fielders.  In Tee ball, the ball is rarely hit in the outfield on a fly.  Players will learn more about the positions when they transition to Pinto baseball or Pinto softball.  Again, this will be up to the individual coach.


8.  The games are to be an hour only.  Please do not go over that.  The Pinto teams will only have a few minutes after your game to re-chalk the field and warm up.  Please clean out your dugout quickly after your game.  Take any trash with you.  In a few cases when there is not a game following yours, you may go an extra full inning to get the players some more at-bats. 


9.  The HOME team is responsible for putting game equipment away if there is no game following.  (This includes all bases and locking the shed.)  FIELD PREP:  The HOME team will ensure field is prepped for the game.  During extremely dry weather, the field shall be hosed down before being dragged.  Chalking the baselines is recommended. 


10.  Rainouts are the decision of the two coaches scheduled to play.  If the game is going to be called, the two coaches shall contact each other and notify their players. 





11.  No game shall be played if there is lightning in the area at game time.  A make up game for a rainout is up to the coaches and should be communicated to the players/parents.  (Not all rainouts have to be made up.) 


12.  Try to have the players hustle in/out between innings.  If the games move at a quicker pace, the players are more likely to stay focused.  Also, the more at-bats you can squeeze in one hour, the more it will benefit them.


13.  Shetland league is NOT competitive.  We should be teaching the basics of hitting, fielding, throwing using proper mechanics, and good sportsmanship.  Emphasis should be put on keeping it fun for the children.  In the next level (Pinto), they will learn the basic fundamentals of baseball or softball.


14.  Bats should be 2-1/4 inch diameter or less (tee ball bats).


15.  Level One soft regulation baseballs shall be used. (No hard balls)


16.  Tees shall be adjustable and flexible on a portable base.


17.  Safety base is required at first base.  Base length is 50 feet.


18.  Players should wear non-metal cleats/athletic footwear.


19.  Players should wear a safety helmet with a chin strap and a face mask while batting or running the bases.


20.  Fielding gloves should be no more than 12 inches.


Each team shall have a copy of the rules at every game.


Always promote fair play and good sportsmanship.















Revised 2/18/20 (V. Holman)                               Visit: www.ebsa.org