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Bronco Rules



Route 66 Baseball League Bronco Rules


1.       Game length is seven innings. No new inning shall start after one hour and 45 minutes. If a game cannot be completed due to weather, the game is considered complete after five innings (4-1/2 if the home team is ahead).  Before this point, it shall be considered postponed and rescheduled.  Re-start shall be from the exact point where the game left off.

2.       No game shall be played if there is lightning in the area at game time. 

3.       Batting rotations shall be continuous from the beginning of the game, including the ENTIRE ROSTER. The batting order cannot be changed once a game is started.

4.       Each player shall play a minimum of three innings in the field.

5.       Teams shall field a minimum of eight players.  If a team only has eight, the ninth spot in the batting order is an automatic out. If a team drops to eight players during a game, even for injury or sickness, that batter’s position is an out the rest of the game.

6.       Dropped third strike rule is in effect.

7.       Infield fly rule is in effect.

8.       A slaughter rule is in affect after five complete innings (4-1/2 if the home team is winning). 15 after four innings, 10 after five.

9.       The home team shall provide two new game balls.  Homerun balls may be kept if replaced with another new game ball.

10.   Bats are not allowed to be larger than 2-5/8 inch diameter.  See our Website for specific bat rules (IESA).

11.   Head coaches shall attend a pre-game meeting at home plate with the umpire(s) where they exchange batting lineups. 

12.   The Umpire-In-Chief (plate umpire) shall call the official start time, which shall be recorded in both teams’ scorebooks. The Umpire-In-Chief shall also have sole authority in enforcing the time limit (See Rule #1 above.).

13.   Interference/obstruction shall be called and enforced without warning.  Defensive players may not obstruct runners in base paths, unless they are in the act of fielding.  Runners shall avoid contact with defensive players who are in the act of fielding.

14.   The home team is responsible for calling the away team with a minimum of one hour notice if a game is to be cancelled due to field conditions or weather. Makeup games shall be rescheduled by the home team.

15.   Chatter is allowed. Catchers are not allowed to chatter. Calling out “Swing!” is not allowed.

16.   Male catchers shall wear a cup.

17.   Courtesy runners may be used for the pitchers and catchers, regardless of outs.  Replacement runners shall be last batted out.

18.   Base length is 70 feet.  A safety base shall be used at first base.

19.   Bronco pitching rules:

A.     Pitchers can only pitch a maximum of seven innings per game. (When a player pitches four innings in one game, they shall have 40 hours rest before they can pitch in another game). Coaches shall be accountable for all innings pitched.

B.            One pitch is considered one inning pitched.

C.           Pitchers are allowed a maximum of 10 innings per week (A week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.).

D.           A pitcher shall be removed after hitting four batters in a single game.

E.            A pitcher cannot wear a batting glove or wristband or white/bright sleeves on pitching arm, or any distracting jewelry.

F.            A pitcher that was pulled cannot return to pitch.

G.           On an intentional walk, the pitcher shall not throw any pitches.  The batter or coach shall notify the umpire of the request and then be given first base.

H.           The pitching distance is 50 feet. 

I.              A pitcher that is brought into a game in the middle of an inning gets a maximum of eight pitches to warm up. A new pitcher that starts out a new inning gets the maximum of eight pitches.  A pitcher that pitched the previous inning gets a maximum of five pitches. (This helps speed up the game.)

J.             A coach is allowed to make one trip to the pitcher’s mound per inning to talk to the pitcher.  However, a second trip within the same inning requires a pitching change.

K.           Balks shall be called, but there shall be one warning per pitcher per game.

17. Bronco teams shall not use players from other Bronco teams but they are allowed to bring up players from Mustang, if their team is short on players:

A.     A player brought up from Mustang may only play in the outfield.

B.            A player brought up from Mustang shall be the last batter in the lineup.

C.           In a case when a Bronco player shows up to a game that they told their coach that they would not be there and a Mustang player was called up for this player, the Mustang player may be entered into the lineup. If the Mustang player is entered into the lineup, the Mustang player shall play one inning in the field.

D.           At no time shall Bronco players sit out while Mustang players play (One exception rule, 17. C.).

Each team shall have a copy of the rules at every game. 

Pony Baseball Rules shall apply anytime these rules do not address a particular si1uation. 

Always promote fair play and good sportsmanship.  


Revised 2/18/20 (V. Holman)                                                                                         Visit: www.ebsa.org